The Best Horror Movie Inspired Nail Designs by Robin Moses for Halloween 2023

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Here is a Highly requested nail design! “IT nails!” The evil clown,
Pennywise Nail art….Inspired from the Stephen King novel, IT!!!! If
you copy, please say #inspiredbyrobinmoses
JOIN, tag me and spread the word so nail art keeps thriving! Here is a
Horror film classic! The most evil clown ever, Penny-wise hand painted
nail design, this nail art is both art and terrifyingly scary pop
culture greatness! A horror film inspired Halloween Nail Art Classic….
The whole design costs pennies to recreate and is so fun to learn!
Please share this. Tag me. Show this nail art with a creative relatives,
friends or nail tech you know wants to learn or anyone who wants to
learn a skill that can help their career! Its free to learn…. and I do
this because I didn’t have a mentor in our industry. Patience and
practice is the key to success here, so dont give up!! I have done nail
art for many years and it never gets old. This halloween design will be
found in my horror film playlist and my dark and eerie nail art
playlist! My Halloween playlist is dedicated to funner, happy halloween
nail art designs!

Please subscribe, comment, share and join me! I upload new designs every
monday wednesday and friday! This clown is so freaky and horrifying and
fierce, so be prepared to get your hands grabbed!! Have fun painting 😀

Stephen King won’t be copied by companies without being paid and that
makes me happy and fun to share this. It is seriously time to change big
company theft and keep our sisterhood full of fun and sharing!
ARTISTS!!!….PLEASE STAND UP and say WHO WHO WHO inspires you first and
the company that sold you stuff should say thank you to artists who
create the art they take and sell to the world. I do this, it is hard
work and all I want is a thank you from companies! LETS CHANGE IT Before
it becomes worse, they owe us AT LEAST a simple thank you!!!–If you
see theft of my work or others you know, stand up and speak out! They
get away with it because the boom of nail art makes it hard to catch
them but I know someday I will. Just not this year 😀 LOL. Nail Art is
quite new in the world, but not to me…….and what I see is such a
mean-hearted greed that needs to be stamped out NOW and forced to be
kind to those who make them rich. Now, go paint evil clowns and show me!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

p.s. Please keep our community friendly and full of joy by always
sharing who inspires you.
Here is how:

#Inspiredbyrobinmoses everywhere you show your copy of my designs.
SHOW ME: @robinmosesnailart on instagram
ENTER GIVEAWAYS: #robinmosesnailart or #nailartsisterhood #sisterhoodofnailart #inspiredbyrobinmoses
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