These States Are Most Interested in Vitamins and Superfoods

Florida, California, and New York are searching for vitamins and superfoods the most. 
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Florida, California, and New York are searching for vitamins and superfoods the most.

Photo: / cottonbro studio

A new study, conducted by health information website Great Green Wall Health, analyzed Google search data to determine the states most interested in vitamins and superfoods and Florida was revealed as the state with the most searches.

The research analyzed the average monthly searches for a list of vitamins and superfoods, such as magnesium, turmeric, and vitamin D, in each state and compared it against the population to reveal the rate of searches per 100,000 residents. Additionally, the research uncovered the most popular vitamins and superfoods in America. 

Top 10 States

  1. Florida  
  2. California  
  3. New York  
  4. Georgia  
  5. Texas  
  6. Maryland 
  7. Massachusetts 
  8. Arizona  
  9. New Jersey  
  10. Illinois  

Most Googled Vitamins & Superfoods

  1. Ashwaganda is the most Googled superfood ranked nationally with 849,344 average monthly searches. This superfood can support brain health, ease stress and anxiety, improve muscle recovery-growth, and boost testosterone and increase fertility in men. 
  2. Magnesium is the 2nd most searched for vitamin across the country, which supports muscle and nerve function.  
  3. Vitamin D, proven to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy is the third most popular in the study.
  4. Turmeric, which can aid with arthritis and raspatory infections, is the fourth most searched vitamin across America.  
  5. Probiotics, living organisms that improve gut health, are the fifth most Googled nationwide.  
  6. Spirulina

“Natural health remedies have never been more popular in America. This includes vitamins and superfoods, which can help boost immune systems and fight off disease. This research has discovered which states are the most interested in vitamins and superfoods, with the coastal state of Florida coming out on top. However, millions of searches are being made every month across the nation and show a widespread interest in these natural health boosters. Out of the twenty vitamins and superfoods considered in this study, Ashwagandha is the most popular, followed by Magnesium, Vitamin D, Turmeric, Probiotics, and Spirulina.” 

— A spokesperson at Great Green Wall Health

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