4 ways to “Feng Shui” your skin for prosperity and luck

In feng shui, every feature of your face bears a certain significance that symbolises your luck and fortune.

To usher in the new year, we’re here to share some of the most common face feng shui principles that’ll help you achieve glowing skin and bring in an abundance of luck and fortune!

Smooth forehead  

The forehead is known as the “prosperity mountain” of the face. According to feng shui principles, a round and prominent forehead indicates good fortune and can attract more wealth. A smooth forehead with no wrinkles also signifies a trouble-free life.  

feng shui - age arrest & a3

Include our Age Arrest A3 set in your skin care routine to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This duo boasts a premium peptide formula that targets signs of ageing and increases skin elasticity.

Plump, full cheeks

Fuller cheeks are said to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. Having sallow and dry skin is a huge no-no according to feng shui principles as it signifies low energy, which deflects auspiciousness.

feng shui - moisturizer 6 & aqua boost serum 10

Making moisturising and hydrating products a staple in your routine can help your skin look plumper and firmer! Moisturizer 6 is an intensive moisturiser that is perfect for those with dry skin. Those with oily skin can choose to opt for a lightweight hydrating serum like Aqua Boost Serum 10.  

Moist lips 

Did you know that the mouth is regarded as the “river” of our face? It is seen as the entrance of all the money luck! Dry lips can be interpreted as the draught of your wealth luck as it resembles the drying of the “river”. 

feng shui - conditioning lip butter

Keep your lips moist and hydrated with Conditioning Lip Butter. Formulated with a blend of oils that help to condition the lips, this lip balm aims to give you a soothed, hydrated pout all throughout the day. 

For extra huat 

feng shui - lip glacier bold

Red is an auspicious colour – swipe on a stroke of Lip Glacier in 04 BOLD for a plump, glossy lip!

Bright eyes

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. Having clear and bright eyes symbolises wealth and prosperity. Regardless of shape, size or colour, eyes that sparkle and are moist indicate good energy and fortune.

feng shui - vitalising eye mask & eye cream

Revive your eyes with our favourite eye care duo – Eye Cream and Vitalising Eye Mask! These two products give targeted care to your eye area to firm and brighten your eyes for a fresher appearance.


feng shui - brow styler

Your eyes should also be complemented and framed by brows that are well taken care of. Contour and shape your brows with our Brow Styler for natural brows to finish off your look.

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