5 skin care tips to look after your skin in humid weather 

Having foundation-free skin can make humid days a lot more bearable. While you’re on your journey to achieving your foundation-free glow, we’re here to offer a few tips and tricks to help you better manage your skin condition when dealing with a humid climate.

What does humidity do to your skin?

Humidity can affect our skin in a number of ways.

High humidity levels can cause pores to open up, allowing more dirt, impurities and sebum to enter the skin. This increases the possible occurrence of clogged pores, eczema and uneven skin texture.

With high humidity often means more perspiration, and sweat stays longer on your skin as evaporation slows down. In more severe scenarios, this could cause skin irritation, and even lead to heat rashes.

5 tips to keep your skin glow on during humid weather

Tip 1: Cleanse thoroughly, twice a day

When humidity is high, you’ll usually notice more perspiration as sweat doesn’t evaporate as easily. Sweating helps to flush out the impurities and bacteria on skin. However, if it lingers longer than desired, it can cause irritation and breakouts. Those with sensitive skin will face this situation more often, including redness of the skin as they sweat more than usual.

drs secret cleanser 1

To avoid this, ensure that your face is well-cleansed both day and night. A gentle cleanser like Cleanser 1 helps to cleanse your skin well without leaving feelings of tightness. The citrus scent also leaves you feeling more refreshed after your cleanse!

One thing to note – ensure that you are not over cleansing! If you have dry skin, consider cleansing only with water in the morning to avoid over cleansing. This helps you to retain the natural oils secreted by the face to keep it healthy and clean.

Not sure if you’re over cleansing? Check out this article for 4 signs that ensure that your skin is properly cleansed!

Tip 2: Exfoliate

drs secret cleanser 1 and miraglo

Dead skin cells build up easily in humid environments. One way to revive your skin glow is to exfoliate away the impurities and dead skin cells sitting on the top layer of your skin. Miraglo is made with microfibres 200 times thinner than human hair to gently exfoliate your skin.

When cleansing your skin, incorporate Miraglo in your routine for a more thorough and deeper cleanse. Pairing Miraglo with a foaming cleanser like Cleanser 1 ensures that all the impurities are trapped and removed.

Tip 3: Opt for a lightweight moisturiser

Your skin usually feels sticky and heavy when the weather gets humid. Moisturising is an important step, but going out in the day with a heavy textured cream moisturiser may feel a little burdensome on the skin as the humidity hits.

drs secret emulsion a6

Switch up your cream moisturisers for a lightweight option. Emulsion A6 is a lightweight moisturiser formulated with nutritive herbal extracts, giving you ample moisture without any burden. An ideal choice for the hotter months of the year!

Tip 4: Don’t forget your SPF

Humid climate generally means that the sun and UV rays are not backing down – SPF application is a must! The harsh UV rays can cause signs of ageing to appear faster on your skin than they should.

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When choosing your everyday sunscreen, go for options that have an SPF level of 50 and above, and a PA protection of 3 and above to ensure sufficient protection against UVA and UVB rays from the skin. Having a water-resistant sunscreen is also especially useful in high humidity environments where we sweat more than usual.

Tip 5: Mask to cool down

With high humidity, a quick way to cool your skin down is by masking! Place your face masks in the fridge to enjoy a chilled mask at the end of the day. For a fuss free option, opt for sheet masks. Simply open, apply and enjoy the cooling sensation on your skin.

drs secret hydro mask

Hydro Mask is a hydrating mask made with a biocellulose material that adheres seamlessly to your skin. Made with a premium Antarctica ferment extract, Hydro Mask helps to increase moisture levels in the skin.

Read this article to learn a few ways to up your sheet masking game – we guarantee it’ll elevate your skin care routine.

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