Celebrity Skin Care: 6 Stars Who Love Eminence

Celebrities have access to the newest and best beauty and skin care products out there. Plus, they work closely with some of the most elite makeup artists and estheticians in the biz to keep their skin looking camera ready. With the multitude of products available to them, it’s a huge compliment when these stars use Eminence Organic Skin Care products and share their enthusiam for them with fans. We’re excited to let you in on some of their favorites! 

1. Mark Ruffalo 

During the filming of Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, acclaimed actor Mark Ruffalo regularly used the Stone Crop Gel Wash and Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer. Most recently, Mark was working on the set of buzz-worthy film Poor Things with actress Emma Stone. To support his skin care routine, we gifted Mark his tried-and-true Stone Crop Gel Wash and Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer products, as well as the Facial Recovery Oil, Stone Crop Hydrating Mist and Bearberry Eye Repair Cream. 

2. Issa Rae

You might know her from Insecure, the television show she created and starred in. Or maybe you saw her embody “President Barbie” in a little summer blockbuster movie you may have heard of. Regardless of where you first discovered Issa Rae, she is now a mega star and Vogue.com agrees. They asked her to share her beauty secrets to help the rest of us mere mortals achieve some of the glow that she emits onscreen, including using the Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum. You can watch her talk through her routine on YouTube here. 

3. Jeremy Allen White

For his Emmy-nominated role as Carmy Berzatto in The Bear, Jeremy Allen White undergoes some pretty major transformations in the makeup chair. Even his own tattoos are completely concealed, only to be temporarily replaced by his character’s extensive ink. And the work doesn’t stop there. His makeup artist Ignacia Soto-Aguilar tells NewBeauty: “A solid skin care regimen is crucial to minimize scene interruptions [for touch-ups].” And since a lot of his scenes move between the inside of a hot, steamy kitchen and outside in the harsh, dry, cold Chicago winter, it’s important to keep the skin as healthy as possible. Part of the routine for keeping Carmy’s skin glowing is the Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream. According to Soto-Aguilar, Jeremy loves the results so much that he now follows the same routine at home.

4. Camila Mendes

Perhaps best known for her role as Veronica Lodge in Riverdale, Camila Mendes shared her favorite skin care products with Glamour.com and name-dropped an Eminence best seller!

“The Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Mist is one of my recent favorites. I like to spray a few spritzes of that on a cotton pad and wipe my face with it after cleansing. Not only does it remove all the extra product residue on my skin, but it also smells incredible.” 

And when asked about her desert island products, another Eminence fave, the Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, made the cut! What can we say, Camila has good taste (and great skin)!

5. Natalie Morales

Another fan of the Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser is actress Natalie Morales. With a long list of TV shows under her belt, including Dead To Me, Parks and Recreation, The Newsroom and Trophy Wife, she’s definitely been exposed to her fair share of makeup chairs, beauty experts and the best of the best products. According to her glamour.com Drop The Routine interview, she loves a double (or triple) cleanse and relies on the Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser to help remove her makeup and give her a satisfying, deep clean. 

6. Mark Strong

You may know Mark Strong for his roles in Sherlock Holmes and Kingsman: The Secret Service. While working on a TV series being filmed in Budapest, Mark enjoyed keeping his skin in great condition using the Stone Crop Gel Wash, Birch Water Purifying Essence and Stone Crop Hydrating Mist. In thanks, Mark dedicated his signed headshot to Eminence. He wrote, “Thank you Eminence for the fabulous products and congrats on the 25 million trees planted!”

We can see why these products are celeb faves! Get in touch with your favorite Eminence Organics Spa Partner for a professional consultation to find out which products will get your skin camera ready. 

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