Crepey skin on the body. Is there anything to do? Part 2/3

Q1: I am a 73 years old African American woman with crepey skin on my arms, thighs, and legs. Any advice you offer will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

Q2: Hi, I am a 59 year old veterinarian. I have thin skin on my forearms and hands. Pets jump on me and leave purple scratch purpura. I have started Tretinoin 0.025% on my arms on the advice of the PA dermatologist. Are there any lasers that can decrease the bruising from minor bumps and pressure?

Crepey skin on the body! We’re fit, healthy and aging. What can we do?

  • Part I was on prevention
  • Part II is on specific body areas and newer RF and laser tech.
  • And Part 3 will be on costs, and what may be possible in the near future.

The below are my current opinions, based on a lot of experience and also treatments on myself. I’m going to an advanced laser and RF (radiofrequency) conference in August, so I’ll update this after that again, most likely. 🙂

Please keep in mind that nothing is perfect, and we are all individuals so individual responses will vary. Not to mention the equipment and the doctor, nurse, etc.

Body Areas:

Necks: This is still a holy grail in my opinion. Volume loss on the face will make the neck sag and crinkle. Replace volume loss upstream and tighten with deep RF like Profound, then use more superficial RF and CO2 laser (must be done correctly) after that.

Chest:  Collagen stimulation with body dilution Sculptra first, then red and brown discoloration with IPL/BBL if needed, then tackle deeper brown spots and wrinkles with Fraxel Dual or CO2 done lightly. PRPFM can be nice here also.

Upper Arm:  If fat pads, consider Coolsculpting first, then mid-level RF tightening with possibly Morpheus or EmSculpt (don’t love the options for this). If very crepey, then consider body dilution Sculptra for collagen building. Use a BHA 2% lotion.

Forearm:  Tends to be lean and not much extra fat. Body dilution Scuptra works here, plus light RF or even microneedling done with PRPFM injected and/or topical.

Hands: Try plumping first with Juvederm Ultra Plus XC – 1 syringe in each hand. Lasers are hard to heal on the hands due to so much use. Light RF or even light microneedling with PRPFM can help.

Abdomen: Since we tend to collect fat here as we age, fat busting tech like Coolsculpting, or liposuction may help. Some swear by EmSculpt here but it’s quite high maintenance and expensive. And the gym gives you other benefits like cardio. Thermage, Exilis (light RF) tend not to work well here.

Buttocks/Glutes:  Okay… I still think the gym is the best, or a home glute set up (see the web) that takes 10-20 min 2-3 times a week. You will build muscle in that area which can solve the majority of the problem. Cellulite is its own issue because it’s related to how the fat it tethered underneath and may not respond to the gym. Sculptra works well here but is expensive because a lot is needed. Stair climbing (like 20-30 flights) 1-2 times a week can also really help you firm up. You’ll see results in 2-4 weeks.

Thighs: The outer thigh is almost never crepey; it’s the inner thigh. If there’s fat, try Coolsculpting there. Sometimes lipo just leaves more loose skin. There’s some skin tightening, usually with CS. Body dilution Sulptra and hyperdilute Radiesse can help here (experts only). I’m hopeful about some of the new RF tech coming. More on that in August.

Lower Legs & Feet:  Not typically crepey, but the skin gets really dry and the cells are under active. Try a BHA 2% body lotion or using a low strength retinol several times a week. Scrubs are good for exfoliation to get cells more active. If you’re having trouble with discoloration wear support hose more especially when it’s hot or do yoga inversions (get instruction), or it could be related to your aspirin or NSAIDS so discuss with your doctor.

I Hope this Helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD
Founder of SkinTour
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