Glowing Skin in NYC: A Review of the Mario Badescu Facial

If you’re looking for the best facial NYC has to offer, look no further than the Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon! I recently received the most luxurious 60 minute European Facial that left my skin glowing and revitalized. From steaming of the face to extractions and targeted treatments to address my dark spots, skin dullness and sun damage from many days soaking in the sun without SPF (bad! I know) – I was left feeling like a beautiful, glowy goddess and was beyond pleased with the results. My skin felt rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the day. The esthetician even applied a moisturizer with SPF to my face as the last step, to keep my skin protected from sun rays that I now know can cause UVA and UVB damage. If you’re looking for an amazing facial experience in Manhattan, read on for my review of the Mario Badescu European facial!

The Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon

Upon my arrival at the skin care salon, I was greeted by a receptionist and introduced to my facialist Maria – as she was preparing my room, I was seated in the waiting area for a few minutes. During my short wait, I noticed the wall dazzled with photographs of celebrities and supermodels with short notes of thanks for their beautiful skin. It made me feel like an A-list celebrity awaiting my turn for a skincare makeover. 

Maria was sweet and welcoming, she brought me to a warm sunlit room and gave me a soft robe and a headband to change into as preparation for my facial spa experience. It was serene and felt like an oasis in the middle of busy Manhattan, relaxing ambient music could be heard softly playing in the background – I was already letting go of all my stress and worries, even before the facial began! After changing, I layed down and was ready for my pampering. 

What is a Mario Badescu European Facial?

I chose the world renowned 60-minute European facial, that is meant to deeply cleanse, purify and improve the appearance of stressed and tired skin. It consists of detoxifying steam to open the pores and prepare your skin for extractions, removal of all the impurities, blackheads and whiteheads you might have,a very relaxing face and neck massage that will lift stress and ease tension, followed by a combination of customized masks chosen by your facialist to address the specific skin concerns you want to focus on. 

The Steps of the Facial

  1. Consultation: Maria assessed my skin type and concerns and recommended a customized facial that targeted my dark spots from sun damage as well as skin dullness and lack of radiance. 
  1. Cleansing: To prepare my face, Maria removed make up, dirt and oil with a gentle foaming cleanser ensuring a clean canvas for the rest of the treatment.
  1. Exfoliation: Following cleansing, she applied a gentle botanical exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells, brighten the complexion, and encourage cell turnover.
  1. Steam: I already felt relaxed and cozy, as the warm, soothing steam was directed at my face for about 10-15 minutes, it opened up my pores and prepared the skin for extractions. I was so relaxed, I almost fell asleep!
  1. Extractions: My facialist Maria began to gently remove blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities from my skin using specialized tools.
  1. Massage: After extractions, she performed a relaxing facial massage and neck massage to increase circulation, reduce puffiness, and improve the overall appearance of my skin. All my stress lifted, and I felt so peaceful. 
  1. Mask: Maria applied customized masks to my skin designed to address my specific concerns with skin dullness and sun spots – one was a Glycolic Acid Mask and the other was a Vitamin C Treatment. The masks were left on for several minutes to allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin and work their magic. 
  1. Toning: After masking, she applied a cucumber toner to my skin to restore the pH balance and prepare my face for moisturizer.
  1. Moisturizer with SPF: To protect my newly revitalized skin from sun damage, my facialist Maria applied a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer with SPF 30 which is a non-greasy moisturizing sunscreen. It left my skin feeling soft, supple, hydrated and protected from UVA / UVB damage. 

The Results

Overall, the European Facial at Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon was an experience I’ll never forget. The serene atmosphere, personalized attention, and expert techniques used by my facialist Maria left me feeling like a VIP celebrity. My skin looked and felt rejuvenated, hydrated, and protected from the damaging effects of the NYC sunshine. If you’re looking for a truly transformative facial experience in NYC, I highly recommend giving the Mario Badescu European Facial a try at their bespoke Skin Care Salon in Manhattan. Booking an appointment online or by phone is super quick and it’s the perfect midday pick me up that could be easily carved into your busy schedule. What are you waiting for? Book your facial today and you won’t be disappointed! 

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