Healing/Downtime Ellacor vs. Profound Skin Tightening

What is the difference in downtime and healing time for these two procedures?

When time and money are short, it pays to do your research on competing beauty tech. Profound uses a long pulse radiofrequency (RF) with real-time temperature and impendance (think hydration) controls. This is very different than all the other RF devices like Morpheus which use short pulse RF. Profound with the long pulse tightens much more than the others. It’s used for the lower face and upper neck, targeting the jowl area and under chin laxity. Complications are temporary and rare.

Ellacor is the relatively new “microcoring” device.  It takes actual tiny “biopsies” full thickness all over the skin – hundreds of them. The idea is intuitive, but the results have not been great due to a very high rate of complications. It is also used for the lower face and upper neck area to target the jowls. Complications are fairly frequent and can last a year or more.

The tightening results are similar between the two devices. But sometimes photos really are worth a thousand words. These are untouched, no make up photos of me below. These two procedures were done 1 year apart.

Day 1: Ellacore (left) vs Pround (right)

Day 1 Ellacore Day 1 Profound

Day 2: Ellacore (left) vs Pround (right)

Day 2 Ellacore Day 2 Profound

Day 3-4: Ellacore (left) vs Pround (right)

Day 2 Ellacore Day 3 Profound

Day 9-10: Ellacore (left) vs Pround (right)*

*Some of the old Ellacore discoloration is still present a year later.
Day 9 Ellacore Day 10 Profound

I hope this helps,
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