Highly rated: Top 4 DR’s Secret all-time favourites

When trying out new skin care products, we often go for the best-sellers with great reviews online.

If you are new to DR’s Secret, let us introduce you to four of our highly rated DR’s Secret all-time favourites.

These are the products that users can’t get enough of and keep coming back for more.

Keep scrolling to find out how they can help kickstart your journey to foundation-free glow!

4 Highly Rated DR’s Secret All-time Favourites

Cleanser 1


Gentle, calming and hydrating. Cleanser 1 is a gel-to-foam cleanser that deeply cleanses your skin without stripping off its moisture. The result is fresh, softened skin that doesn’t feel tight.

Cleansing benefits aside, its cheerful pink shade, gel texture and refreshing citrusy scent pleasantly stimulates the senses, further boosting the cleansing experience. If you’re seeking to elevate your mundane daily cleanses, give Cleanser 1 a try and let us know how it goes!

Why our users love it:

“My favourite product is Cleanser 1 and I look forward to the feeling of fresh, hydrated skin after use. When paired with Miraglo, I notice my skin becoming brighter and more firm after each use. “ — Sabrina

“Have tried male-focused cleansers but none have felt as refreshing and effective than Cleanser 1. It feels even more refreshing after a night of sports! This has become my one and only cleanser choice.” — Dion

Sunscreen 5


You can run, but you cannot hide – from the sun that is! Which is why sun protection is non-negotiable in our daily morning routine. With SPF 30 and PA+++, Sunscreen 5 protects your skin from the harmful UV rays.

The elegant formula gives the skin a subtle natural glow, without leaving a sticky residue or white cast when applied evenly.


When applying Sunscreen 5 or Sunscreen Matte 5M, use your fingertips to press and roll the product into the skin instead of spreading it across in streaks. This prevents tugging, streaking and allows the product to be absorbed quickly.

Why our users love it:

“It brightens up my skin naturally & there is a subtle glow to it. Besides protecting my skin from UV rays, my skin also appears to be healthier & less dry. I like how natural it feels on my skin. I can go out with just this sunscreen and no foundation! It’s my favourite DR’s Secret product!” — Vivian

“My favourite product is Sunscreen 5. It is lightweight and doesn’t feel burdensome on my skin. It’s my daily essential.” — Josephine

Moisturizer 6


Another routine staple that we can’t go without is a moisturiser. Whether you have dry or oily skin, incorporating a moisturiser in your routine helps to balance out your skin’s moisture and oil levels.

Formulated to be an intensive moisturiser, Moisturizer 6 provides deep and long-lasting hydration. The rich and creamy texture is a delight for those with dry skin seeking relief.



If you’re looking for a more lightweight option that still gives your skin sufficient moisture, mix Moisturizer 6 with Emulsion!

Why our users love it:

“I love the moisturiser so much as it hydrates the skin without clogging my pores. I feel the difference especially when travelling to cold and dry countries! I no longer have to worry about my skin peeling.” — Tricia

“Whenever my skin gets red and itchy, I apply Moisturizer 6 immediately to soothe my irritated skin. It also deeply moisturises and locks in moisture for a long time.” — Grace

Refining Serum 9


Termed as “liquid gold” by our users, this multi-tasking pore-refining serum tops the list for many as their favourite DR’s Secret product. Formulated with botanical goodness, Refining Serum 9 helps to reduce the appearance of pores, refine skin texture and soothe skin redness.

The texture of the serum is light and melts away into a cooling and refreshing essence that gets absorbed quickly into the skin. Its light botanical scent is an instant mood-lifter too.

Why our users love it:

“My favourite product is Refining Serum 9 as it helps to refine my pores and has soothing and firming properties.” — Carina

“Refining Serum 9 helped to minimise my pores, especially around my nose and cheeks where there were more blackheads.” — Lucy

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