Melissa’s Glowy Summer Skincare Routine

Written by Melissa Palmer | June 20, 2024

As you get ready for travel, barbecues, and beach days, it’s the perfect time to refresh your skincare routine. With rising temps, we’re ditching heavy creams for lightweight, summer-friendly favorites. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Melissa Palmer, shares her go-to weightless summer skincare routine for glowing skin all season long.

My Go-To

Ocean Cleanser

I’m a night owl, and this superfood seaweed cleanser is my hack to make me look like a morning person. I’ve been using Ocean Cleanser literally since I was 13. Now in my 40s, I can really appreciate how it lightly exfoliates with lactic acid and draws out city grime, sweat and debris. Leaves my skin clean and glowy but not stripped or lifeless. Perfect for summer and all year long. I just can’t live without it!

Mineral marine cleanser

Ocean Cleanser

The Exfoliators

I love to start the day in the shower with Undaria Cleansing Body Polish. It feels so good—like giving yourself a massage—and leaves you with fresh, glowing skin. The citrusy scent is truly uplifting. It’s happiness in a jar!

I exfoliate my face a few times a week with our Seaglow Resurfacing Scrub. It makes my skin feel smooth and glowy. I love that you get the benefits of both a physical and chemical exfoliator in one. When I use this, I look (and feel) like I’m doing something good for myself—sort of like drinking a green juice when I forget to eat veggies.

AHA exfoliator + cleanser

Undaria Cleansing Body Polish

2-in-1 exfoliator + cleanser

Seaglow Resurfacing Scrub

Award Winner

Hydrating Mist

Sea Minerals Mist

In the summer, I stash this mighty mist on my desk and spritz my face throughout the day when temperatures soar. Like a tall glass of water for your skin, Sea Minerals Mist helps keep skin fresh and restores its moisture balance. Win-win! It’s loaded with skin-loving minerals and aloe vera to hydrate after a day in the sun, giving you an instant dewy glow.

Nature’s perfect hydrator

Sea Minerals Mist

Face Treatment

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

My forever favorite for hydrating and plumping up my skin is Hyaluronic Sea Serum. Summer can make my complexion look a little meh, but a generous dose of this brings back the brightness. This silky gel has two weights of hyaluronic acid and seaweed, so it’s super hydrating and non-greasy—perfect for scorching hot temps.

Clinically proven anti-aging moisture

Hyaluronic Sea Serum


Body Treatment

Hyaluronic Body Serum

One of my favorite body products for summer is our Hyaluronic Body Serum. It has the same powerful hydrating benefits as our face serum, but my mom formulated it specifically for the body. I love how the lightweight gel texture absorbs instantly and gives me ultra-hydrated “dolphin skin” without even an iota of residue left behind. It also contains aloe and five weights of hyaluronic acid, which my skin just drinks up.

New wave hydration

Hyaluronic Body Serum

Must-Have Moisturizer

Atmosphere® Protection Cream

This is legendary for a good reason. Formulated with macadamia, shea butter, jojoba and avocado oil, it somehow manages to be featherweight and deeply hydrating at once! If you have normal or combo skin and the thought of smearing heavy cream on your face in the summer makes you recoil, try this. It leaves my skin feeling silky-soft every time. (Thanks, Mom!)

Lightweight barrier moisturizer

Atmosphere Protection® Cream

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