Saggy, Crepey Skin – Maybe a Virtual Consult with Us?

What is the best treatment for the money to tighten saggy creepy skin, firm and lift? What’s best for texture and color? I am 55 year old who did 2nd degree sunlamp burn in high -school. Smoker off and on. I was considering another Profound treatment an upper eye surgery co2 and threads. Honestly I’m wondering if I should just save my money and do a face/neck lift? It’s very hard because each provider advises differently.

First, maybe consider calling our clinic Concierge Dermatology & Laser at (206) 939-6633 and scheduling a 30-minute telehealth consult with me. We are offering this service but limiting it to one person a day. The purpose is to be an advisor without an agenda who can be more objective. It’s so confusing for consumers now with a lot of marketing, a huge range of technology to choose from, and often conflicting opinions from providers in your area who may be excellent….or not.

Why Scheduling a Virtual, Telehealth Consult with Me Might Be Your Most Cost Effective Choice:

  • It’s difficult to give advice in these more complex situations without seeing exactly what you’re referring to. I’ve learned that we may think we’re talking about the same things, but often we have something different in our minds.
  • I can be a more neutral party since, other than the consult fee, I have no financial interest
  • It’s easier for me to assess general health risks to help you weigh them. For example, one of my patients is a long time diabetic who really would get the best result for her particular problem with plastic surgery, but her risk of complications is so much higher that all her docs have recommended no surgery; except the plastic surgeon. 🙂
  • I can help you evaluate a particular doctor’s credentials.
  • We do charge for this… I think it’s $460, but please ask our front desk. 🙂

If the goal is to get you the best result, with the least risk, with a good cost benefit analysis along with it, maybe consider the above.

I Hope this Helps,

Brandith Irwin, MD
Concierge Dermatology & Laser, Seattle
Founder of SkinTour
Follow my skin tips and travels on Instagram!

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