SkinVive – Worth It or Hype?

What is SkinVive and is it worth it?

I truly wish I had a definitive answer for this, but… I think there will be one in the next 6-9 months as this gets put into more general use.

If you haven’t seen or paid attention to the marketing hype (Allergan) on this product, you’re probably wondering what this is. It’s a hyaluronic acid injectable product in a syringe, but it’s not really a filler.  It instead acts as a long-lasting moisturizer; long-lasting as in about 6 months.

Because the hyaluronic acid attracts water, its claim is it provides a dewy, youthful glow to skin that’s more lasting than a facial or a cream moisturizer — it doesn’t lift or fill anything.

It was FDA approved in the fall in the U.S., but has been in Canada and Europe for several years until different names.

Why you might want to consider this product:

  • It’s not crazy expensive.
  • It does seem to last about 6 months on most people.
  • There may be a cumulative benefit in that it could be better after 2-3 treatments every six months.
  • The hydration is nice, even if pretty subtle.
  • Could be a great pick me up to do one month before a wedding or other event. It takes a full month to really see the results and for any bumps to resolve.

Why you might want to save your money and wait and see:

  • Expense. It’s about $600-700 for two syringes and it takes two syringes to both cheeks.
  • It’s fairly technique and skill dependent. If the technique isn’t good, it leaves little bumps all over, which can take weeks to go away.
  • It clearly works better on some skin types than others. Younger skin tends to do better, in my opinion, but the young don’t need it much. It’s older skin that requires it more.
  • So far, there’s no long-lasting benefit.
  • Could you get the same effect by just investing in a quarterly fabulous facial, and a light RF treatment or BBL?

I Hope this Helps,

Brandith Irwin, MD
Concierge Dermatology & Laser, Seattle
Founder of SkinTour
Follow my skin tips and travels on Instagram!

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