The Best Skin Care Tricks From An Esthetician

Looking for skin care tips and tricks from an esthetician? We’re excited to chat with Eminence Organics’ Lead Skin Care Trainer, Natalie Pergar, and tap into her expertise, including the most effective skin care strategies and personal product favorites. Dive into Natalie’s wealth of tips, covering everything from refrigerating your eye cream to multi-functional skin care products. Watch the full video below, or read along for her top tips.  

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1. Evaluate Your Time Investment 

Evaluate how much time you can dedicate to your routine, as this will dictate the types of skin care products and treatments you can realistically incorporate into your day. It’s all about finding a balanced approach that’s neither too overwhelming nor unsustainable. Gradually building your routine enhances your lifestyle without causing undue strain on your skin or your schedule. 

2. Gradually Add Products Over Time

Starting with a few key products, such as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer, can prevent overwhelming your skin all at once. This approach lets your skin gradually become accustomed to new products, minimizing the risk of irritation. As you grow more familiar with how your skin reacts, you can carefully add more products. Progressing step by step ensures your routine is both effective and enjoyable and it simplifies identifying any product that might cause a problem.

3. Maintain Product Hygiene For Clearer Skin

To keep your skin healthy and clear, it’s important to prevent contamination when using your skin care products. Instead of using your fingers, which can spread bacteria, opt for a clean spoon or spatula to apply your products. This practice helps keep your products pure. Remember to clean these application tools thoroughly after each use. Washing them with soap and water, or sterilizing them with an alcohol wipe, will ensure that they remain hygienic for every use.

4.  Pop Products In The Fridge

Natalie likes to keep her products cool by popping them in the refrigerator so that they feel cool on her skin. This method can be especially beneficial for products like eye creams or certain serums, providing an additional soothing effect upon application. You may want to do this if you want your eye cream, for example, to feel more refreshing on your delicate eye skin. 

5. Store Your Products In A Cool, Dry Location

To ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your skin care products, it’s best to store them in a cool and dry place. This is particularly important for products containing active ingredients, as heat and moisture can affect their potency.

6. Embrace Multi-functional Skin Care Products

Consider using skin care products that serve more than one purpose, like a cleanser that also offers exfoliation. This approach not only streamlines your routine but also saves you time. 

7. Trying Micro-Masking For Efficiency

If you’re finding it hard to commit time to regular masking, try “micro-masking” sessions. These are brief, about three to five minutes each and you can do one to three of them to meet your skin care objectives. Micro-masking is a time-efficient method that fits easily into a busy schedule, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of masking without it being too time-consuming.

8. Morning Mask Routine

Natalie suggests that applying masks in the morning maximizes their benefits, as they prepare and protect your skin for the day. Morning masks are great for addressing specific issues like puffiness or a lackluster complexion, providing a quick fix for a more refreshed and vibrant look. A favorite of Natalie’s is the Turmeric Energizing Treatment as it’s designed to rejuvenate the skin with an exfoliating and stimulating effect. Ingredients such as turmeric and paprika help to revitalize the skin’s appearance, giving it a soft, radiant glow. Additionally, kaolin clay in the mask acts gently to cleanse and remove the look of impurities.

9. The Ideal Water Temperatures for Skin Care

Begin your facial cleansing with tepid water to gently wash away products. Finish off with a splash of cool water. Tepid water is mild and effectively cleanses without stripping away essential oils. It’s important to avoid extreme water temperatures, as they can be harsh on your skin. For example, using hot water can lead to dryness and irritation and can worsen conditions like acne or eczema by removing natural oils. Tepid water offers a balanced approach, maintaining the skin’s health without causing stress to the skin barrier.

10. Choosing the Right Facial Oil

When adding facial oils to your skin care routine, opt for ones that suit all skin types. High-quality facial oils are concentrated and powerful, so a small amount goes a long way. Usually, just a few drops are enough for your entire face. Natalie suggests starting with the Facial Recovery Oil as it’s high quality and crafted from organic and Biodynamic® ingredients. This oil features age-defying clary sage, balancing ylang-ylang and nourishing olive and sesame oils, making it a versatile choice for various skin types.

11. Prioritizing Nighttime Skin Care

In addition to your daytime skin care products, it’s crucial to select a product that nurtures your skin throughout the night. During sleep, your skin naturally repairs and rejuvenates itself. Nighttime skin care products, such as Natalie’s recommended Marine Flower Peptide Night Cream, are specially designed to support this overnight recovery process by helping hydrate during the skin’s repair cycle. They address overnight moisture loss, aiding the skin in retaining hydration and recovering from the day’s environmental stressors. Incorporating such a product into your nightly routine can significantly enhance your skin’s health and appearance.

12. Extend Care To Neck & Décolleté

Remember to include your neck and décolleté when applying products, like SPF. These often neglected areas are just as exposed to harmful environmental factors like UV rays and pollution, as your face is. The skin in these regions tends to have fewer oil glands compared to the face, which can lead to increased dryness, sagging and the earlier appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Just as caring for often overlooked areas like the neck and décolleté is crucial, selecting the right skin care products can make all the difference in your routine. Let’s dive into Natalie’s top picks for esthetician-approved skin care products that can help you achieve amazing results.

Natalie’s Must-Have Esthetician Skin Care Products

Are you ready to incorporate these tips and tricks? Visit your local Eminence Organics Spa to get a personalized skin care consultation for your skin type.

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