Tixel – New Skintech You May Want to Pay Attention To

Hi, I am interested in laser resurfacing. Can you tell me if there are any particular lasers which are safe to use on the skin if you have an autoimmune disease?

I have no financial ties to this company and if you’d like to see my photos of me 1 day post procedure, please see our Instagram @conciergedermatologyandlaser.  The whole science and experience of skin repair and maintenance has changed rapidly in the past 2 decades. It continues to progress. Thermomechanical energy may be a new way to accomplish skin rejuvenation.

All the technologies below rely on energy/heat transfer which then creates a very selective, controlled skin injury that stimulates repair, in a healthy way, to rebuild skin. The key to this is the selective and controlled part! This is true whether it’s a light, sound, or radiofrequency based treatment. Depth matters. More superficial treatments will give more superficial results. Typically, lasers transfer energy/heat and are usually targeted to a “chromophore”.

Lasers & BBL/IPLs

Lasers and BBL/IPL have been in use for 30 years and are a staple of skin repair and maintenance. They offer consistent performance for wrinkles, redness, flushing, dilated blood vessels, hair removal, acne scars, texture, resurfacing, brown spots, skin tightening, tattoo removal, and more.


Radiofrequency (RF) is newer, but has been used now for about 20 years and continues to improve and evolve. The key to this technology is to distinguish between the different types such as long pulse with microneedling (like Profound) and short pulse with microneedling (more superficial like Morpheus 8, etc.); the older monopolar (like Thermage) and other older bipolar systems.

Each company is trying to come up with something new and better. So far, other than Profound which is deeper and requires injectable numbing, there really isn’t much difference in the results of the radiofrequency or ultrasound based systems. As a result, these technologies offer no or minimal downtime, but also offer minimal results.


Now there is something new, “Tixel”, which is a thermomechanical tech system made in Germany and is now FDA approved here. “Tixel” is delivered through very high heat with a special insulated tip and a longer microsecond pulse than a Co2 laser creates a selective rejuvenating skin injury. The advantage is less discomfort and less downtime. It remains to be seen if it actually creates excellent results. I’ll be researching and reporting on this over the next few months.

I Hope this Helps,

Brandith Irwin, MD
Concierge Dermatology & Laser, Seattle
Founder of SkinTour
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