TikToker Shows Us the Best Way to Organize Pots and Pans — “Say Goodbye to the Chaos”

Pots and pan storage is a struggle even in the tidiest of kitchens. Thrown in a cabinet or drawer, everything intermingles, making it hard to reach for exactly what you need. 

Tiktoker Fatima.Kosar has implemented a simple strategy that makes varying sizes of cookware easy to grab and even presents a solution for keeping lids accessible. “Say goodbye to the chaos and get a pots and pan organizer,” she says. “It allows you to neatly store your cookware, making it both efficient and accessible.”

Kitchen Cabinet pan Organizer

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A Pots and Pan Organizer for the Win

In her video, Fatima utilizes a pots and pan organizer to stack different sizes of cookware inside a kitchen cabinet. Depending on the cabinet size, this organizer can be placed vertically or horizontally. She adjusts the shelves to fit her current collection.

To keep lids accessible, Fatima adds an organizer on the top shelf.  The organizer houses the lids that match her pots and pans, but since the slots are adjustable, they also work well for containing cookie sheets, slim pans, and bakeware.

Since organizers are freestanding, this is a good solution for renters and homeowners alike. 

Pare Down the Collection for an Organized Kitchen

Aside from utilizing the right organizational tools, you can keep your kitchen cookware better organized by decluttering what you don’t need or use. Get rid of all pots and pans that have a flaking-off non-stick coating. Consider donating items you haven’t used in the past six months to a year.

Also, contemplate storing less used items away from everyday essentials. When your loved and needed bakeware is neatly organized in its own cabinet, keeping it organized doesn’t feel like a herculean feat.

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