How do I start customising my DR’s Secret skin care routine?

The unique personalised and customisable routines are the reason why many of our users started their journey with DR’s Secret.

But how do you choose the right products and customise a routine that is suitable for your skin?

We break it down into three aspects to consider that’ll help you get on the right track!

How to customise your DR’s Secret skin care routine

1. Understand your skin condition and start with the essentials

understand your skin condition and start with the essentials

It may be tempting to include as many intensive products as possible at the start of your DR’s Secret journey. However, doing so when your skin condition is not stable may slow down your skin progress instead. We understand that many users are seeking quick results, but it is much more important to lay the foundation right and start with the essentials to prep and condition your skin first.

Basic skin care essentials: 

basic skin care essentials
  • Cleanse – Makeup remover and cleanser
  • Hydrate – Moisturiser or hydrating serum
  • Refine – Refining serum
  • Protect – Sunscreen

These essentials help to stabilise your skin condition and build a strong and healthy foundation. We recommend these beginner routines to start with:

For those with normal or oily skin:

Build Up Essential Kit: Cleanser 1, Aqua Boost Serum 10, Refining Serum 9

build up essential kit: cleanser 1, aqua boost serum 10, refining serum 9

For those with sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin:

Soothing Secrets Recovery Kit: Cleanser 1, Moisturizer 6, Refining Serum 9

soothing secrets recovery kit: cleanser 1, moisturizer 6, refining serum 9

When your skin condition has stabilised and is less reactive (breakouts and sensitivity have reduced), consider adding one or two serums in your routine for enhanced and targeted effects. Need a little help with product pairings?  Here’s how to mix and match DR’s Secret for better skin results. If you are not sure which serums to choose, seek guidance from your Skin Buddy who can advise on the products that are suitable for your current skin condition!

2. Change with the seasons

change with the seasons

As winter transits to spring, the temperature and environment starts to change as well. To help your skin transit seamlessly, your skin routine should change along with the seasons. In the early days of spring when the temperature tends to fluctuate, our skin gets irritated, red and itchy more easily. Those with sensitive skin should review and adjust their skin care accordingly.

For example, consider including a product like PentaLab Balancing Oil that can help to soothe skin:

PentaLab Balancing Oil

pentalab balancing oil

PentaLab Balancing Oil is a multi-purpose essential oil blend of 10 different essential oils including rosemary, rose geranium, eucalyptus and lavender that work together to soothe skin. The calming scent of eucalyptus and lavender also relaxes the skin and soothes the mind, chasing away the stress and tension from a busy day.

How to include Balancing Oil in your routine:

  1. Add a few drops of Balancing Oil to Toner T2 to hydrate and soothe irritated skin
  2. Pair it with Spot Serum 8 to help regulate your skin’s water and oil levels
  3. Mix it with Moisturizer 6 and apply it on your face to calm redness

Bonus Tips:

When your skin feels a little sensitive or you notice clogged pores, try pairing Balancing Oil with Cleanser 1! Rinse off the foam after cleansing with Cleanser 1, then add a few drops of Balancing Oil to clean water for a clarifying cleanse.

3. Get guidance from your Skin Buddy and Skin Squad

“I can’t accurately assess my skin and there are so many different routines, which one do I choose?” 

At DR’s Secret, your skin transformation journey is never a lonely one. Skin Buddies are experienced DR’s Secret users who are able to guide you step by step and share useful tips. They will also assess your skin condition and customise your routine so that you can progress towards achieving the foundation-free glow. As your skin condition changes, the routine changes as well, so be sure to follow up closely with your Skin Buddy to make the right adjustments.

find your skin buddy

Our community of users, also known as our “Skin Squad”, have plenty of firsthand experiences to share too. Simply follow us on our social media @drssecretofficial on both Facebook and Instagram to get updated on the latest product knowledge and user reviews.

How do you customise your skin care routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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