5 Hacks To Boost Your Running Performance With Reebok’s FloatZig 1

Running isn’t just about endurance and speed. It’s about joy, creativity, and sometimes, a little bit of mischief. In celebration of the joy of the run, Reebok launched its Running Hacks global campaign for the new FloatZig 1.

“The FloatZig 1 running shoes offer industry-leading performance and energy return, suited for even the most elite runners, but built to be accessible and enjoyable for all runners. With both our product and within our irreverent Running Hacks global marketing campaign, we focused on the joy and excitement running can bring to all.”

Todd Krinsky, Reebok President and CEO

Reebok dares you to lace up and embrace running like you never have before. Forget those tired old tips your marathon-obsessed uncle swears by. Reebok’s Running Hacks are about tossing the rulebook out the window and making every run an adventure.

So strap in, lace up, and prepare to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Running Hack #1: Make it Home Before Load Shedding

It’s almost like racing against the sunset. Except instead of a romantic sky, you’re dodging sitting in the dark, unable to charge your phone, boil water, or see the end of that episode. Consider this the ultimate interval training—sprint in bursts whenever you think of the food defrosting in your freezer. And hey, if you get home after the lights have gone out, just keep running to your nearest bar. After all, you didn’t run all this way not to get a reward.

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Running Hack #2: Tell Everyone You’re Training for the Comrades

Short of actually winning it, telling everyone you’re training for this epic ultramarathon is the next best thing. Start casually dropping it into conversations, social media posts and even put it in your LinkedIn bio. The key here is confidence. A lot of it. And if by some miracle you actually find yourself at the starting line, that’s a problem for Future You.

Running Hack #3: Run Past Your Ex’s House

Ah, the sweet, sweet revenge run. There’s no fuel quite like a broken heart, and no audience quite like the one that thought they’d seen the last of you. Bonus points if you manage a nonchalant wave to their neighbours, just to prove how utterly unaffected you are by the breakup. This isn’t about them, though (okay, it’s a little about them)—it’s about you, looking and feeling your absolute best, powered by a blend of spite, endorphins, and the sheer joy of moving on.

Running Hack #4: The FloatZig 1

Forget about the conventional running hacks you know (and the ones you wish you didn’t).

The FloatZig 1 is here to revolutionise your run with features designed to push the boundaries of what a running shoe can be.

Highlights of the FloatZig 1 include:

Floatride Energy Foam & Zig Tech Technology: Offers a lightweight, responsive energy return, transforming every step into a leap towards your personal best.

Engineered Mesh Upper with Reflective Overlays: Maximises breathability and ensures visibility, keeping you safe and comfortable, day or night.

Targeted Foam Panels: Strategically placed for added comfort and a secure fit, enabling you to focus on the joy of the run.

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Running Hack #5: If You Look Awesome, You Run Awesome!

Let’s face it, when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you run like a champion! Snag these essentials for your next run:

Reebok Floatzig 1 Shoes
Reebok Floatzig 1 Shoes
Running Quarter-Zip Jacket
Running Vector Leggings
ID Train High-Support Bra
RBK-FRESH Athlete T-Shirt 2.0
Reebok Running Shorts

Ready to outrun your shadows, outlast the gossip and outpace the past? The FloatZig 1 is your ticket to discovering the New Shape of Running. Shop the FloatZig 1 on Reebok.co.za.

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