9 Bodyweight Exercises That Will Improve Your Mobility

Bodyweight training serves as your foundation and is the driver of all of your other strengths and skills. And the ability to move and control your bodyweight is very important for daily life. In fact, even if you don’t realise it, you are performing variations of bodyweight exercises every day.

That’s why we turned to a pro to help create a wuick workout you can do any time, any place. Co-owner of Pride Fighting Academy, Jess Mouneimne takes us through nine bodyweight exercises that will improve your mobility.

Meet The Expert: Jess Mouneimne is a pro fighter and the co-owner of Pride Fighting Academy.

How To Do This Bodyweight Mobility Workout

Each exercise done for 45 seconds with a 15-second rest. Repeat the circuit 3 times for a sweaty bodyweight HIIT session. If you have any injuries, please check with your medical practitioner to see if it safe for you to do the following bodyweight exercises. Remember to have fun!

1. Rolling cobra

Start in a hovering child’s pose and extend your legs up to a down dog (A) Shift your weight forward, round your back as you move through a plank, and then a hanging cobra style position (B). Continue for 45 seconds.

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2. Beast reach to high plank

From hovering child’s pose spring your knees forward to a high plank. Reach and repeat for 45 seconds (A).

3. Beast reach, high plank, runners lunge

Move from hovering child’s pose to high plank and then step your foot on the outside of the same side hand for runners lunge (A). Reach back to hovering child’s pose (B). Repeat alternating sides for 45 seconds.

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4. Beast reach, high plank, runner lunge to sit through

Once in runner lunge, lift your back foot up through the middle of the body (A). Lift the opposite hand off the floor too, balancing on one hand and foot (B). Come back to your starting position and repeat for 45 seconds.

5. Crocodile push-ups

Starting in a standard push up position (A). Bend your elbows as you bend one knee and bring the leg to your elbow (B). Repeat both sides for 45 seconds.

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6. Broad jump and back crawl

Start standing, bend your knees, and jump as far forward as you can. Come down to a tabletop with knees off the mat and shuffle backward in this position (A). Repeat 45 seconds.

7. Shoulder taps to yoga squat

Starting in a tabletop with knees off the mat (A). Tap each shoulder four times and then jump forward landing in a yoga squat (B). Jump back and repeat for 45 seconds.

8. Hip ups

Start lying on your back, legs off the floor, in line with your hips (A) Draw your knees into your chest and send your hips up high as you stack your legs over your hips (B). Repeat 45 seconds.

9. 2 Point arm extensions

Starting in tabletop with knees off that mat (A)  Extend opposite arm and opposite leg out (B). Draw the arm and leg while allows the elbow and knee to touch (C). Repeat both sides for 45 seconds.

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Watch The Workout Video Below And Follow Along:

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