Consider This Yoga HIIT Workout A Total-Body Shred

Yes, yoga HIIT exists! Like strength-training moves, it’s possible to up the ante and turn your yoga flow into a sweaty interval training session. How? By upping your pace. Yoga works particularly well for this, since each pose is meant to flow into the next, creating a pacey workout that gets your heart racing.

Plus, every move is done without a single weight, so you’re able to use your own body weight to strengthen your muscles. But don’t be fooled: this challenging flow, while mostly bodyweight, can up your heart rate and doubles as a hybrid strength-cardio workout.

How to do this yoga HIIT workout

Personal Fitness Trainer Phia-Lee Rabie came up with this workout. Each move blends into a circuit that you can repeat four or five times, making up a complete total-body workout. You’ll engage your core and tone your arms and legs.

To complete the yoga HIIT workout, do each of the five exercises for 40 seconds and take 20 seconds rest. Repeat for four or five rounds.

Move 1

Start in a down dog position and from there, move to plank, pulling the right knee to chest.

Allow the right leg to move to a down dog split. From there, your right leg comes back to plank, knee to chest ending in down dog. Repeat the sequence on the left side, alternating for 40 seconds.

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Move 2

Start in an upward-facing dog position. Jump or step to a resting squat position placing your hands on the floor.

Jump or step to an upward-facing dog position and repeat for 40 seconds.

Move 3

From a down dog position, bend your knees and sit back onto your heels.

With your right leg, step out into a low lunge keeping your left hand on the floor. With your right arm, reach up to the sky forming a straight line from one hand to the other and feel the nice stretch in your spine.

Bring the right hand back to the ground. Step your leg back and return to the bent-knee downward-facing dog. Repeat everything on the left side, alternating for 40 seconds.

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Move 4

From a forward fold starting position, walk out on your hand to a plank.

Lower your body to perform a push-up in a ripple-like manner with your hips first.

Walk back to forward fold. Do one quick jump or step to plank and back.

Keep repeating the flow for 40 seconds.

Move 5

Lie on your back with feet apart and arms overhead.

Do a crunch or sit-up while lifting both legs, reaching your hands to toe-tap. Knees may bend, depending on your flexibility. Keep the rhythm for 40 seconds.

For detailed demos of the moves, watch PT Phia-Lee do the moves here:

[embedded content]

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