REVEALED: FNO’s Hot Girl Warm-Up With Jessica Naylor – And Why You Should Join Us 

If you never warm-up before you work out, allow Fit Night Out to be the event that changes your mind. From elevating your workout gains to boosting mobility, there are a ton of reasons why this oft-overlooked practice is actually a powerhouse for fitness. 

Come the 5th of August, warming us up is Jessica Naylor, celeb trainer, group exercise instructor and PUMA ambassador. “I’m looking forward to seeing so many gorgeous people move with meaning, using their bodies & having fun,” she says. Her approach to health and fitness? Enjoying workouts! “Make it fun and blast the music, live your life!” Naylor enthuses. 

From boosting your calorie burn to much more, here’s what you stand to gain when you warm up before throwing down. 

First off, it gets you ready for your workout 

That’s the entire purpose of warming up: to prime your body for what you’re about to do. It boosts blood flow to your muscles, making them nimble and better able to handle things like jumps and weights. By increasing the amount of blood flow, a healthy dose of oxygen makes its way to your muscles to power you through your next movements.

It improves movement 

By doing dynamic stretches and gentle heart-raising movements before your workout, you essentially prime the connection between the brain and muscles for movement. This improves the efficiency at which you can work during your exercise, making for a much better workout. 

Warm-ups boost performance 

In one study, a warm-up of sprints and dynamic movement improved sprinting ability in athletes before a match. Athletes ran eight sets of 60m sprints, which improved their overall sprinting ability. And coupled with dynamic stretching afterwards, they improved sprint speed, agility and overall performance. 

They reduce injury 

Importantly, warming up your muscles properly before an activity can reduce the likelihood of injury during your workout, by as much as 30 percent, according to one study. While most research agrees with this hypothesis, there are some that don’t. But warming up is great for preventing injury anyway, as long as it fits the bill of what’s to come in your workout. That’s because the increased blood flow loosens up the muscles and gets them ready for your box jumps, burpees and everything in between. 

Come Fit Night Out, we’ll be warming up with the best to get you ready for hours of fun, challenging workouts that you’ll love moving to. “Get ready for elevated heart rates and a killer endorphin kick,” says Naylor. Ready to get in on it? Get your tickets right here. 

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