This 15-Minute Pregnancy Workout Does It All – Fast

If you’re pregnant, making time for exercise can be rewarding but difficult to achieve. Waning energy and not feeling 100% can be powerful demotivators in your fitness journey. But this 15-minute pregnancy workout is made for a slow and steady approach, so you’re working at a level that feels comfortable for you.

Meet the expert: Ash Iovino is the creator of the FitMom App and is a certified personal trainer and mother of three.

Why this 15-minute pregnancy workout?

Short and sweet is the name of the game here. “During pregnancy, motivation can be low,” explains Iovino. “Incorporating a 30-second-on, 30-second-off format, makes the time go by quicker and the workout more enjoyable, with enough rest in between to prevent quitting.”

It’s also a scalable workout, meaning you can adjust to make it less intense if you need to. “This workout utilises a set of medium to heavy dumbbells, adapting to your fitness level during each stage of pregnancy,” says Iovino. “Tailored for expectant mothers, it focuses on promoting strength, flexibility and overall well-being, ensuring a safe and effective workout throughout your pregnancy journey.”

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How to warm up for this workout

There are a few moves to do to adequately warm up for this 15-minute pregnancy workout. This includes:

  • Seated marching (Sit on a stability ball or chair, march in place, lifting your knees one at a time.)
  • Cat-Cow pose (Inhale as you arch your back, tucking your chin for Cat Pose, then exhale, lifting your head and tailbone for Cow Pose, promoting spine flexibility.)
  • Pigeon pose (Bend one knee and place the ankle across the opposite thigh, allowing the knee to open to the side. Gently lower toward the floor to stretch the hip and glutes.)

Before attempting this workout, it’s important to check in with your healthcare provider. If you are looking for a PT, make sure they have a qualification in pre- and postnatal training. “Avoid randomly following workout videos on social media unless you’re certain they align with your specific stage of pregnancy,” says Iovino. If in doubt, try the many workouts in our FitMama section or try Ash’s FitMom app. “FitMom’s pre- and postnatal program spans 18 weeks, offering meticulously curated workouts designed for prenatal and postnatal stages, inclusive of mobility, stretches, and pelvic floor strengtheners,” says Iovino.

Do this workout two to three times a week, says Iovino, along with regular low-impact exercises like walking and swimming, “provided they have received approval from their medical team and don’t have any complications in their pregnancy”. “If you were not accustomed to lifting heavy weights before pregnancy, maintain a moderate approach. Additionally, transitioning from high-impact, endurance, or strenuous training to a slower pace, ensures plenty of rest and attentiveness to your body’s cues. Regular, moderate exercise during pregnancy is beneficial, but it’s crucial to align it with your individual fitness history and current health status,” explains Iovino.

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The 15-minute pregnancy workout

You’ll need:

  • A set of dumbbells
  • An exercise mat

Work for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Then repeat for three rounds of each move.

1/ Squat and knee-to-elbow

Start in standing, squat down, then bring your left leg up so your knee taps your left elbow. Bring your leg down, squat, then crunch up your right knee. Continue for 30 seconds.

2/ Alternating bird dogs

Start on all fours, with your back in a straight, neutral position. Kick out your right leg and extend your left arm out in front of you simultaneously. Bring each limb in to crunch, then extend back and release down into all fours. Repeat on the other side, alternating for 30 seconds.

3/ Glute bridge

Lie on your back with bent knees and hands at your sides to support you. Arch your butt upwards to form a bridge. Squeeze at the top and slowly lower back down. Keep going for 30 seconds.

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4/ Shoulder press

Standing up straight, grab your dumbbells and hold them with palms facing forward. Press up with your arms and slowly lower them back down. That’s one rep – keep going for 30 seconds.

5/ Triceps kickback

Start in standing, with knees bent. Hinge forward at the hips so your chest forms a 45º angle with the floor and hold your dumbbells with elbows bent so that they’re in line with your chest. Extend both arms backwards to work the triceps and bring them into your chest. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Iovino demonstrates all the moves here:

[embedded content]

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