5 Morning Routines That Actually Work, According To Science

If you’re on social media like the rest of the planet, you’ll know that morning routines are huge. Huuuuge. Pretty posts detailing mornings sipping specific green lattes, journalling, drinking water at specific times and more abound. But which of these routines are backed by science? We did the research to see the morning routines that’ll actually boost your day, leaving you refreshed and with other helpful benefits, too.

Get sunlight ASAP

Not only does getting a few minutes of uninterrupted sunshine boost your body’s production of vitamin D but it serves as a huge tool in boosting alertness. Since artificial light in our lives changes our natural circadian rhythm, causing us to be alert when we should feel sleepy, tuning into the natural rhythm of the sun has benefits. When you wake up, open the curtains, step outside and let the sunlight hit your face. This bright light therapy (BLT) can help with mood disorders like Seasonal Affective Disorder and can slow down the progressive cognitive decline in dementia, per one study. Another study found that people who took in sunlight within two hours of waking up were slimmer and better able to manage their weight than those who did not.

Brush your teeth before breakfast

You may not like the taste but the science might make you change your mind. When you sleep, plague – and the bacteria it causes – multiply in your mouth. Eating right after you wake up? That’s a whole lot of plague and bacteria you’re swallowing. Washing your mouth right after waking rinses out that icky bacteria and jump-starts saliva production, which helps break down the food you eat and kills the bad bacteria in your mouth.

Get moving

We know you hate to hear it but moving your body, even for a little while, can tip the needle in your favour for the rest of the day. Taking a walk, doing a light yoga flow or gentle stretches in bed can work. Plus, one study found that morning exercise reduces abdominal fat and blood pressure in women. If you’re up for it, try something heart-pumping. These offer the most benefits, since aerobic exercise is clutch at lifting the mood and clearing unwanted mental clutter. It also primes the body to burn fat all day long, provided you work out before breakfast.    

Eat a breakfast

If you like cereal, get that going (watch the sugars), but get some food in your system. Data from the Australian National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey found that among breakfast skippers, there were higher intakes of saturated fats and lower intakes of fibre and micronutrients. Another study found that among Brazilian breakfast eaters, there were higher intakes of vitamins B12, C and D. Also: a lower intake of sugars. People who skip breakfast were also found to have higher nutrient deficiencies than those who indulged. Breakfast isn’t just a nutritional powerhouse, either. Several large studies have found that there’s a strong correlation between eating breakfast and having a lowered risk of obesity and weight gain.

Drink coffee, but not immediately

Coffee’s main component is caffeine, which gives you those jittery energy vibes we’re all hooked on. But having a cup of coffee right after waking up might be a bad idea. That’s because, per research, your body’s production of cortisol is at one of its highest peaks during the first hour of waking. Messing with this alert hormone teaches your bod to produce less cortisol, meaning you naturally wake up feeling more sluggish than sharp. Even worse, you might develop a reliance on the brew. Keep your cuppa, but wait for an hour before downing it.

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