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SuperMom Tips - Staying fit while raising a healthy family
Faster than a speeding treadmill. More powerful than an Olympic lift. Able to leap tall plyo boxes in a single bound. Look, over there with all the balls in the air! It’s a strong woman holding a babe…it’s SUPERMOM!

Being a Mom is a 24/7 job. And yet, most Moms have many other “full-time jobs” to attend to as well, from careers and community involvement to caring for parents and loved ones. Between taking care of everyone else, it is simply amazing how Mom can do it all while also fitting in fitness. In honor of all you amazing Supermoms out there, we have asked a few of our favorite fit Mamas to share their best advice for staying fit and raising a healthy family. We hope these tips help you! Also, please share YOUR best tips all the bottom of the page!

SUPERMOM-INS2Mother of Four, Coach & Master Esthetician, IFBB Figure Pro, FitRx Training Journal Columnist

Lead By Example. “As a Stepmother of four beautiful children, I get to be an active example of healthy living and clean eating to my kids. My Husband Justin Dees is not only a bodybuilder himself, but he is also a personal trainer and studied Exercise Physiology. So, our children have always understood the concept of clean eating and staying active.”

Teach Nutritional Principles To Your Family & Stock The House With Good Stuff. “We enjoy meals that consist of healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Teaching them the difference between nutritious healthy meals with proper macronutrients is exciting for me, because I know it will have long-term benefits in their life and, hopefully, mitigate any health problems that come from poor nutrition. So far, they love my cooking. There are occasional treats in our home, but we keep most everything, even snacks, nutritious and clean.”

Make Fitness A Family Activity. “All four of our kids are very active and involved in sports activities. Our 15 year-old daughter loves when her Dad trains her in the gym and is always willing to hop on cardio next to me! The kids are amazing cheerleaders giving us support and encouragement as we prepare for competitions/shows! Finding balance between family and competing has come very natural to Justine and I. We love having a fulfilling family life and active, healthy careers!”


SuperMom Tips - Staying fit while raising a healthy familyNew Mom, Co-Publisher of FitnessRx For Women Magazine

Keep It Simple. “My Mom taught me a saying that perfectly fits my lifestyle as a working Mother. She used to tell me (and still does), “Keep it Simple Stupid.” It’s not a put down, just a saying, and a wonderful mantra to get you through a busy life. For example, family dinners are super important, but difficult to always have when Mom and Dad work long hours. Bringing in food from a restaurant is not always the healthiest choice and can become costly. Sometimes even running to the supermarket is a difficult task after a long day. Instead:

– Opt for stocking your freezer with lots of frozen veggies and lean meats.
– Combine ingredients in a large sauté pan with olive oil and the spices of your choosing. You can easily cook as stir-fry, barbeque, place over whole wheat pasta—the sky’s the limit.
– Combining red sauce with ground turkey meat can make for a delicious Bolognese sauce!

This will make the kiddies happy, it’s easy to make, it stores for long periods of time in your freezer and will make for a delicious healthy meal that will be sure to please people of all ages.”

SuperMom Tips - Staying fit while raising a healthy familyNew Mom, Owner of Personal Training Business, IFBB Figure Pro, FitRx Online Columnist

Make Fitness Fun & Yummy. “As a new Mom, I’m excited to teach my son all the things I have learned about health and fitness. The biggest thing I want to instill is that fitness is fun and healthy is yummy! I believe that the best way to teach is to lead by example. Balancing a fit life with raising kids, having a career and all the other demands of life can be challenging but where there is a will, there is a way!”

Do At Least 1 Thing For YOU Daily. “Some moms feel “selfish” for taking time out of their busy day for themselves, but I believe wholeheartedly that taking that time out of your day for YOU is selfLESS! Getting in that “you time,” makes you a better you and, therefore, a better mother, wife, friend, etc. No matter how little time it is, I try to get in something for me on a daily basis. It could just a basic home workout of push-ups, sit-ups and squats.”

Bring Your Kiddo Along. “Another tip that we have found helpful in our family is to have our son fit into our fit lifestyle. If we want to go on a walk, we take him with us. If I want to get in a workout, I wear my Moby and workout with him. Not only am I able to get in a little something, we are able to spend quality time together and as a family!”

SuperMom Tips - Staying fit while raising a healthy familyMother of a “4 year-old, precious little girl named Lila”, Works for the W Hotel, IFBB Bikini Pro

“Hello, beautiful Moms. We all know that dieting and having a little one that loves food and treats is not easy. We have to make sure that everyone is happy so, of course, we have to figure out a balance or how to avoid cheating while dieting. 😉 I have some tips that work for me, and I would love to share with you all. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Never Go Food-Shopping Hungry. No, no, no. Before you step out, make sure that you eat your meal and then go.” This will keep you from buying too many of those treats for the little ones that could tempt you while you are dieting.

Eat Before Your Feed Your Lil One To Avoid Temptation. “For breakfast, lunch and dinner, make sure that you eat first, because the foods that you have to cook your love ones is going to smell soo delightful. I usually make them pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast. Yum.”

Pack Food For Outings. My daughter loves going to the park, movies, beach, etc. So, wherever we go, I make sure I pack her a healthy lunch and bring all my food too. I know she’s going to want ice cream, popcorn or cupcakes, so I don’t want her eating bad ALL day. That’s why I bring healthy snacks for her like yogurt and fruits.

Photo credit: J.M. Manion for NPC News Online

SuperMom Tips - Staying fit while raising a healthy familyMother of Zoey, Maximus, Marvelous and with another on the way, Coach & Trainer, Show Promoter of NPC Music City Muscle in Nashville, IFBB Pro

“I am a wife to IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Brandon Curry and a proud mommy to Zoey (8 years-old), Maximus (3 years-old) and Marvelous (1 years-old)…and I’m currently just over 4 months pregnant to baby number 4! I became an IFBB Pro around seven months after my 2nd baby. My husband travels most of the year competing, doing seminars, appearances, guest posing, etc., so I take up most of the responsibility for the kids. I also coach and train clients daily while toting my two youngest with me to work. My husband and I also promote the annual NPC Music City Muscle in Nashville, TN in October each year. My husband and I are very hands on in everything we do from being athletes, coaches, promoters, and most importantly, PARENTING.”

Walk The Walk. “I’m a big believer in the fact that our children are imitators of us. In fact, they are a MIRROR of us…the way we eat, speak, act, good or bad habits, what we believe…you name it. So…what we eat and the way we see things become the way our children eat and see things—no matter the age. If you enjoy eating healthy foods (and with kids, I have found it’s easiest to start with fruits and veggies), then your children are more likely to enjoy it too. If you look like you dread eating your healthy food, they will more likely want to avoid it too and will dread it as well…so make it look attractive.”

Don’t Create A Fear of Food & Explain Nutritional Benefits. “Talk to your kids about WHY you eat healthy. Not because it doesn’t make you fat… that will only create a fear of food for your kids. Rather, explain the benefits of each food as you consume them…like when you eat grains or potatoes and veggies, explain that it has fiber and vitamins and minerals. Fruits have lot’s of fiber and vitamins as well, which our bodies need in order to operate. Kids ALWAYS love PROTEIN, once they understand what protein is and does. Most kids like superheroes and get excited at the idea of themselves having a little muscle. Feeling strong empowers a child. Training their minds sets our children up for success in their decision making. Don’t make it seem restrictive, but instead show then all the countless options that they DO have.”

Keep Your Sanity By Engaging Kids In Activity. “Sometimes, it can be a challenge to keep my sanity having a husband who is out of town a lot. Being pregnant, having 3 other kids (two of them who are at home with me or wherever else I go) and running my own business…so how do I handle it all? I find that the more active and engaged I keep the kids, the better balance they have with their energy. And, the less junk I give them, the better behaved they are because they don’t have pent up energy. So not only does exercise and healthy eating habits keep them in a healthy weight range and make them less likely to become sick because they have stronger immune systems, but it also helps them to behave better!!!”

Have A Routine, Create Games Out Of Tasks & Teach. “Keep them on a consistent routine! Kids like routine believe it or not! Of course, they enjoy something new from time to time, but it’s much less stress on both Mommy and the kids and much less chaotic! And, making everything into some sort of game or challenge makes even the most dreaded of tasks become entertaining and fun—from making beds, to brushing teeth, to putting dishes in the sink. Just remember, as parents we are teachers. This takes one of my favorite bible verses to a whole new level. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.””

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