Test Your Fitness Knowledge: How Healthy Is Your Score?

Are you a Fitness Fanatic or a Fat-Blasting Fledgling? Take the test and see! The following is a list of fitness facts and falsehoods.
Are the statements true or false? See below for answers.

1. Surfing provides a great cardio workout.

2. For well-rounded fitness, it’s best to stick to one type of exercise.

3. Working out can fight depression.

4. Lifting weights builds muscle, but does little to cut abdominal fat.

5. In-line skating, on average, burns between 570 and 900 calories per hour.

6. Drinking sodas high in sugar will help you burn fat.

7. One benefit of lat pulldowns is improved posture.

8. Practicing meditation can improve your sex life.


1. True. Paddling out to waves and riding the breaks provides a workout that rivals any indoor cardio machine. So feel free to skip your next treadmill session when the surf’s up!

2. False. Variety is the spice of life – and the key to fitness! Choosing an exercise program that involves an assortment of weight training and cardio options will help you reach your goals faster than just focusing on one exercise alone.

3. True. Feeling depressed? If missing a workout does more than make you feel guilty, try skipping the Prozac and start the calisthenics. According to several studies, some individuals who suffer from this serious health problem could benefit from regular exercise instead of antidepressants.

4. False. Turn flabby abs into firm abs with weight training workouts that strengthen your core. Lifting weights burns calories both during and after your workout, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn each day.

5. True. In addition to firming your glutes, quads and hamstrings, in-line skating can put a fire in your calorie-burning furnace. Adding speed and distance will increase the benefits.

6. False. Aside from rotting your teeth (ever seen what happens to a nail if you leave it in a can of Coke for a month?), chugging high fructose-laden sodas will turn you into a fat collector, not a fat burner.

7. True. Lat pulldowns, as a part of a complete weight-training program, can lengthen and strengthen muscles for improved posture. Other benefits include improved breathing, better coordination and a longer, leaner torso. So, if you hit the weights regularly, your mother may not nag you to sit up straight at the table.

8. True. Meditation fights stress. Stress, in addition to many other maladies, can lead to poor sexual function. Therefore, if you want to heat it up between the sheets, it’s best to chill out at least three times a week.

How Did You Do?

Tally up the number of correct answers and see where you rank.

0-2 correct: Fat-Blasting Fledgling

3-4 correct: Calorie Counter

5-6 correct: Training Disciple

7-8 correct: Fitness Fanatic

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